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Maxalt canadian pharmacy Note: This brief list focuses on basic principles and experiential doorways.

can you buy Lyrica in canada concise book for anyone curious about awareness and presence.

Finding the Space to Lead, A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership by Janice Marturano— Another book about leading with mindfulness. Includes many tips and useful practices.

Mastering Leadership by Robert Andersen &  William Adams— Offers a developmental pathway to bring forth the highest use of yourself, your life, and your leadership. The Leadership Circle

Conscious Business by Fred Kofman— A book about awareness as the main source of organizational greatness and sustainable, exceptional performance. Learn more.

Your Body Knows the Answer: Using your Felt Sense to Solve Problems, Effect Change & Liberate Creativity by David Rome— A guide for accessing inherent wisdom.

Parenting with Presence: Practices for Raising Conscious, Confident, Caring Kids by Susan Stiffelman— A powerful and practical guide to conscious parenting

Emotional Skill— An exercise exploring what it means to act with emotional maturity and skill, and how we begin to make new conscious choices in our responses and relating. Working with Emotional Skill

Calendar Reflection Exercise— An exercise to: 1) Get honest about how you are spending your time,  2) Get clear about what’s important, and 3) Ground in mind-body awareness for feedback. Calendar Reflection

Aware Listening Podcast & Exercises by Pamela Saari & Sara Yao—A podcast and handout (with exercises) about authentic listening. Aware Listening

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships by John Welwood— A book that offers a powerful perspective on our core wounds and the potential for our closest relationships.

Falling into Grace by Adyashanti— A book exploring our constant struggles with life, the choice to stop believing thoughts, and “taking the backward step” into presence.

Demystifying the Need for Quiet by Pamela Saari— A brief post of what’s happening in the physiology relating to unconscious patterns and possibilities of transformation.

Nature & Walking Meditations— Two simple exercises to ground into the body, senses, and presence. Nature and Walking Meditations

Guided Meditations, Evoking the Ground of Your Being by Adyashanti— A 4-CD set and audiobook with 15-30 min guided meditations and practical instruction for both the experienced and inexperienced.

iDisorder by Larry Rosen, Ph.D.— A potent book about the use of technology on the brain and what we can do about it.

15 Ways to Move from Autopilot to Presence by Sara Yao— A powerful guide of tips, exercises, and practical guidance: 15 Ways

Unhooking Toxic Emotions— A concise exercise to unhook and embrace toxic thoughts and emotions. Exercise: Unhooking Toxic Thoughts and Emotions

Breath & Relaxation Exercises— Three powerful exercises: (1) Expanding Peripheral Vision (2) Three-Part Exhalation and (3) Abdominal Breathing. Breath & Relaxation Exercises

Adult Development Stages, Reactive Mind to the Creative-Aware Mind— A 1-page handout evoking reflection on the shift from an outside-in to an inside-out orientation. Adult Development Stages: Reactive to Creative

Achieving from Creative Presence by Pamela Saari — Brief overview and PDFs exploring what creative, non-reactive “achieving” looks and feels like.