Workshop Offering- Aware Leader Listening

Workshop Offering- Aware Leader Listening deep listeningContact Pamela about facilitating this for your team or organization. This offering is most effective when part of other assessment & coaching work. (Note that this workshop is applicable for both people managers and individual contributors.) Workshop – Listening as an Aware Leader

Deep listening can radically transform individuals, relationships, teams, leadership cultures, and organizations. Aware leaders are able to be fully present and to listen –  first, inwardly… and then to others. Like with any practice, it takes committed intention until it becomes a natural way of relating. As a result of listening from presence, we become more authentic, creative, and clear. During this session:

  • Deepen practice of present moment awareness
  • Explore listening inwardly to our own direct experience
  • Explore listening relationally … listening without pressure to say, do, or solve anything
  • Identify inner assumptions and behaviors that may get in the way
  • Gain valuable insight on a big challenge being faced