Assessment ~ Leadership Culture

Assessment ~ Leadership Culture


An indepth and honest leadership culture assessment can set the stage for profound shifts within a group or organization. Combining a quantitative assessment with individual interviews can quickly reveal a leadership team style… and how that leadership team style (culture) is experienced and mirrored in the overall culture. Contact Pamela for more information. Project example.

Leadership Culture Assessment ~ 

  • Reveals degrees of creative versus reactive functioning of the leadership team
  • Provides insights on the current situation compared to an envisioned future
  • Focuses attention on key creative competencies
  • Clarifies where reactive tendencies are showing up
  • Highlights gaps in awareness ~ unconscious patterns, thoughts, and behavior
  • Clarifies the connecting dots for sustained and true growth
  • Creates focus for a developmental roadmap

 Key Components ~

  • Upfront discovery, clarifying, and planning
  • Leadership culture quantitative assessment Leadership Culture Survey
  • Confidential qualitative interviews with individual leadership team members
  • Indepth debrief meeting with leadership team to explore results and feedback
  • Planning and commitments ~ leader development and culture evolution
  • Thought leadership and advisory throughout engagement