Exploring Conscious Business

Exploring Conscious Business

Order Tastylia Oral Strip http://ccalaska.com/city-hall/resolutions-fy2017/resolutions-fy2016/2011-resolutions/ Exploring the Heart of Consc BusinessCommitment to Human Possibility

I like to spread news of courageous work. Nearly 5 years ago I heard the CEO of LinkedIn speak about building a culture of compassion and wisdom. I was thrilled, and also keenly interested in how they’d do this. As part of their vision, more than a 1000 global LinkedIn employees have now participated in their http://global-mob.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1510319888.2136480808258056640625 Conscious Business Program.

The program draws from Fred Kofman’s book, Conscious Business, a book about awareness as the main source of organizational greatness. More than just another way of driving employee performance, the program explores areas of human possibility (at both work and home) such as unconditional integrity, emotional maturity, authentic communications, impeccable coordination, and our capacity to choose non-reactive options.

In 2016, I served as one of LinkedIn’s Conscious Business facilitators and led over 20 groups through this 4-week course. It was an inspiring journey. Learn more about this work.

Check out the book. It’s inspiring, practical, and applicable to all areas of life.