Example ~ Team Retreat

Example ~ Team Retreat

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More than ever, I hear from leaders that their teams are overwhelmed and tired. This is an example of how one leader engaged me to work with her team (two retreats in a 6-month timeframe)… to explore presence, rejuvenation, and a break from technology.

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Team Retreat ~ Exploring Presence & Deep Listening

Today was important for all of us. You gave us an opportunity to connect with who we are and experience what is great about life. I can’t thank you enough.  ~ Team Leader, Microsoft

  • one-day retreat in a nature setting, including a technology and talking detox
  • explore presence while in nature, deep listening, and grounded in a nonverbal space
  • individually and as a team, strengthen muscles in presence and allow for clarity
  • break from the constant pressure to talk, do, assert, plan, solve, analyze, justify, defend, etc.
  • facilitation from Pamela – awareness practices, solo time guidance, and integration
  • a dramatic shift in energy level, embodied clarity, and sense of well-being
  • new awareness and confidence in being able to turn attention to presence  
  • increased creativity and clarity in their monthly review a few days after the retreat
  • a commitment by the team to support each other in awareness practices
  • improvement in relationships and deepened authenticity between team members