Exploring Emotional Skill

Exploring Emotional Skill

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Whether it is at work, at home, or in community we experience a constant flow of emotional and mental patterns. These patterns impact the quality and effectiveness of our relationships, leadership, parenting, and, mostly, our internal sense of well-being.

What does it mean to act with emotional maturity and skill? How do we begin to make different choices in relation to our autopilot (unconscious) emotional reactions?

http://fairtrademusicinternational.org/fair-trade-music-international-boilerplate/ Intentions & Focus

  • Taking full responsibility for our inner experience
  • Listening from a state of clarity and care
  • Understanding and caring first, rather than demanding to first be understood and cared for
  • Expressing what’s true and honest, underneath the surface of demands and fears
  • Noticing emotional reactivity, not acting out on it, and exercising different choices

follow url Suggested Exercise 

  1. For 2-3 days bring focused attention to the quality of your relating
  2. Journal what you experience and notice
  3. Begin to explore the below questions
  4. For another 1-2 days consciously experiment with exercising new choices
  5. Journal what you experience and notice
  6. Continue noticing and experimenting. Forever. :-)


  • Do I blame others for “making me” feel a certain way?
  • How much of my emotional content do I project onto others?
  • Within my own mind-body, is there emotional content that hasn’t been fully resolved?
  • Do I listen from a place of clarity, care, and presence? If not, what’s stopping me?
  • Do I seek to understand and care first, rather than demand to first be understood, agreed with, approved of, or loved?
  • Am I able to pause and notice reactive patterns arise within me… but then courageously choose new ways of relating?
  • What happens when I express (and let others express) what’s deeply honest— tuning in to what’s underneath the surface of fears, demands, programming, and old reactions?
  • Can I feel compassion and lightness accepting that making new choices requires time and a sincere commitment?

PDF of this exercise: working-with-emotional-skill